Codycross Greece Group 671 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Animal Offers Up Its Stomach For This Petting Type
Solution: Belly rub

Question: Charitable Gift
Solution: Donation

Question: Dilute Moderate
Solution: Tone down

Question: Flaming Log Pile Lit By Tent Dwellers
Solution: Campfire

Question: Going Pink With Embarrassment
Solution: Blushing

Question: Greek Monster With Head Of A Bull
Solution: Minotaur

Question: Group That Suddenly Appears And Dances In Public
Solution: Flash mob

Question: Hand Signals Eg Waving Beckoning
Solution: Gestures

Question: Lack Deficiency
Solution: Shortage

Question: Making A Noise Like A Duck
Solution: Quacking

Question: Opening A Nut Shell
Solution: Cracking

Question: Pivoting Lever Used In Gaming
Solution: Joystick

Question: Place To Find Doctors Nurses And Medicine
Solution: Hospital

Question: Place Where Koi Carp Are Seen Swimming
Solution: Fishpond

Question: Powerless Ineffective
Solution: Impotent

Question: Riding A Horse Without A Saddle
Solution: Bareback

Question: Suave And Dashing In Appearance
Solution: Debonair

Question: The Decade Of Madonna
Solution: Eighties

Question: Those Who Create Things With Their Hands
Solution: Crafters

Question: Time Period That Began With Sputnik In 1957
Solution: Space age

Question: To Try Out For A Part In A Movie
Solution: Audition

Question: Window Placed In A Roof
Solution: Skylight

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