Codycross Greece Group 670 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Apples IPad Is One Of These Devices
Solution: Tablet

Question: Brief Attention Getting Phrase Used In Advertising
Solution: Slogan

Question: Classical Dance Sometimes Done In Pointe Shoes
Solution: Ballet

Question: Detective Or Private Eye
Solution: Sleuth

Question: Dip Made From Mashed Chickpeas Tahini Garlic
Solution: Hummus

Question: Identification Tags Worn By Police Officers
Solution: Badges

Question: Irritable As A Result Of Needing Food
Solution: Hangry

Question: Long Vehicle For Transporting A Coffin
Solution: Hearse

Question: Mistakes Faults
Solution: Errors

Question: Mouth Or Nose Path Open To Allow Breathing
Solution: Airway

Question: Opposite Of Tighten
Solution: Loosen

Question: Paddling A Boat With Oars
Solution: Rowing

Question: Prosper Flourish
Solution: Thrive

Question: Rage Powered By Needing To Eat Something
Solution: Hangry

Question: Robert Chemist With A Burner Named After Him
Solution: Bunsen

Question: To Empty A Suitcase After Your Travels
Solution: Unpack

Question: Tool Used For Striking A Nail
Solution: Hammer

Question: Volcanic Rock Formed By Cooled Lava
Solution: Basalt

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