Codycross Greece Group 670 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Moral Story Such As The Prodigal Son
Solution: Parable

Question: Artful Skill And Expertise Great Style
Solution: Finesse

Question: Band Of Three Including Kurt Cobain
Solution: Nirvana

Question: Barbies Little Sister
Solution: Skipper

Question: Decorative Container For Growing Flowers
Solution: Planter

Question: Disc Shaped Wheel Trims On Passenger Vehicles
Solution: Hubcaps

Question: Enclosure For Babies For Fun And Games
Solution: Playpen

Question: Figuratively Smooth Certain Issues
Solution: Iron out

Question: Fine Indian Rice
Solution: Basmati

Question: Green Leafy Veggie That Makes You Strong
Solution: Spinach

Question: Hypersensitivity To Dust Pets Pollen Etc
Solution: Allergy

Question: Meetings That Aim To Communicate With Spirits
Solution: Seances

Question: Moving To Music Rhythmically
Solution: Dancing

Question: One Who Points The Finger
Solution: Accuser

Question: Pre Historic Hairy Elephant Like Creature
Solution: Mammoth

Question: Prisoners In Jail
Solution: Inmates

Question: The Art Of Shooting With A Bow And Arrow
Solution: Archery

Question: The Second Officer In Charge Of Flying An Aircraft
Solution: Copilot

Question: Very Large Stripy Stinging Insects
Solution: Hornets

Question: Poirot Agatha Christies Belgian Detective
Solution: Hercule

Question: To Air Missile Or SAM
Solution: Surface

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