Codycross Greece Group 670 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Beguiling Acting Attractively
Solution: Charming

Question: Breaking Out Of An Egg
Solution: Hatching

Question: Car Safety Device Goes Across Chest Waist
Solution: Seatbelt

Question: Comb Out The Knots
Solution: Untangle

Question: Conquer Defeat Rout
Solution: Vanquish

Question: Daughter Of Oedipus And Jocasta
Solution: Antigone

Question: Dried Pale Blue Flowers With Distinctive Scent
Solution: Lavender

Question: Dusk Period That Follows Sunset
Solution: Twilight

Question: Fabric Weaving Skill Using Two Or More Needles
Solution: Knitting

Question: Fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
Solution: Mushroom

Question: Getting Something Ready To Work On It
Solution: Prepping

Question: Guilty To Blame
Solution: Culpable

Question: Magnetic Tape Recording Format
Solution: Cassette

Question: Maker Of Beer And Record Books
Solution: Guinness

Question: Nasal Holes That Humans Breathe Through
Solution: Nostrils

Question: Old Collectables
Solution: Antiques

Question: Orange Flight Recorder On All Planes
Solution: Black box

Question: People Receiving Medical Treatment
Solution: Patients

Question: Place Where Fish Eggs Are Developed Artificially
Solution: Hatchery

Question: Pop A Card In This And Send It
Solution: Envelope

Question: Round Tube That Is Spun Around The Waist
Solution: Hula hoop

Question: Skittish Unsettled On Edge
Solution: Agitated

Question: Souvenir Store In A Museum Or Theme Park
Solution: Gift shop

Question: Taking The Dirt Out Of Something Washing
Solution: Cleaning

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