Codycross Greece Group 669 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Anton The Dorchester Chef Of Cuisine Naturelle
Solution: Mosimann

Question: Capital City Of Belize
Solution: Belmopan

Question: Enhanced
Solution: Improved

Question: Landscape Covered In Conifer Trees
Solution: Forested

Question: Layer Of Icing On Top Of A Cake
Solution: Frosting

Question: Le French Hotel Brand Now Part Of Marriott
Solution: Meridien

Question: Machete Like One Handed Sword Of Medieval Europe
Solution: Falchion

Question: Meet Brad Pitt Plays Death Alongside Forlani
Solution: Joe black

Question: Narrowing Becoming Slimmer Or Thinner
Solution: Tapering

Question: Push Under Water
Solution: Submerge

Question: Rush Or Compel Someone Into Doing Something
Solution: Railroad

Question: The Length Of Space Between Two Places
Solution: Distance

Question: Unsolved Crime
Solution: Cold case

Question: Water Feature That Spurts
Solution: Fountain

Question: Witty Talk
Solution: Repartee

Question: First Verdict Afterwards Alice In Wonderland
Solution: Sentence

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