Codycross Greece Group 669 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Baffle Puzzle Confuse
Solution: Perplex

Question: Burj Worlds Tallest Skyscraper In Dubai
Solution: Khalifa

Question: Farmyard Birds Bred For Eggs Or Meat
Solution: Poultry

Question: Game Of Chance That Involves Drawing Numbers
Solution: Lottery

Question: Getting Better Recovering From Illness
Solution: Healing

Question: How To Relieve An Itch
Solution: Scratch

Question: Income That A Company Receives Regularly
Solution: Revenue

Question: Kate British Actress Of Titanic
Solution: Winslet

Question: Ladies Gowns
Solution: Dresses

Question: Large Serving Plate Or Sharing Dish
Solution: Platter

Question: Mobile Game Makers Of Stop And CodyCross
Solution: Fanatee

Question: Native To A Particular Place
Solution: Endemic

Question: Paper Design Used As A Model For Sewing
Solution: Pattern

Question: Singer Who Performs Alone
Solution: Soloist

Question: Small Lumps Of Gold Or Wisdom
Solution: Nuggets

Question: Street Traders With Food Or Souvenir Stalls
Solution: Vendors

Question: Triangle Shape Used To Bury An Egyptian Pharaoh
Solution: Pyramid

Question: Type Of Cheese Used To Fill A Cannoli
Solution: Ricotta

Question: White Winged Horse In Greek Mythology
Solution: Pegasus

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