Codycross Greece Group 661 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Battle Won By The UK Against The Napoleonic Army
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Board Game Of Buying Property And Avoiding Jail
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Comic Book Hero Born On Krypton And Sent To Earth
Solution: Superman

Question: Continental Glacier Large Frozen Mass
Solution: Ice sheet

Question: Cut Of Sheep Meat Containing A Rib Bone
Solution: Lamb chop

Question: Element Fr Discovered By Marguerite Perey In 1939
Solution: Francium

Question: False Teeth
Solution: Dentures

Question: Fearless Adventurous
Solution: Intrepid

Question: Group Of Mexican Folk Musicians That Serenade
Solution: Mariachi

Question: It Is Rung To Alert A Homeowner To Visitors
Solution: Doorbell

Question: Items Left To Others In A Will
Solution: Bequests

Question: Large Brass Musical Instrument With A Slide
Solution: Trombone

Question: Largest Apes The Males Are Silverbacks
Solution: Gorillas

Question: Loan For A House
Solution: Mortgage

Question: Not Apart
Solution: Together

Question: Official Notice To Leave A Property You Live In
Solution: Eviction

Question: Sarah Bareilles Is Not Gonna Write One Of These
Solution: Love song

Question: Shoe With A High Tapered Heel Pointy Nail Shape
Solution: Stiletto

Question: Someone Who Prefers To Stay In
Solution: Homebody

Question: Supernatural Wonderful Events With No Explanation
Solution: Miracles

Question: The Ugly Turns Into A Swan
Solution: Duckling

Question: The Act Of Asking Someones Hand In Marriage
Solution: Proposal

Question: Three Dots That Represent Missing Text
Solution: Ellipsis

Question: Touch Responsive Area Of A Laptop
Solution: Trackpad

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