Codycross Greece Group 661 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Amazons EReader
Solution: Kindle

Question: Amazons E Reader
Solution: Kindle

Question: Downfall
Solution: Demise

Question: Experienced Adviser Or Guide For An Individual
Solution: Mentor

Question: Fin On A Sharks Back
Solution: Dorsal

Question: GF Is A Food Label That Stands For Free
Solution: Gluten

Question: Give Away Goods Instead Of Selling Them
Solution: Donate

Question: Go Back On Break A Promise
Solution: Renege

Question: Greek Monster With Serpent Hair
Solution: Medusa

Question: Infectious Fever Spread By Ticks And Fleas
Solution: Typhus

Question: Pitti Versailles Kensington For Eg
Solution: Palace

Question: Products Like Lipstick And Mascara
Solution: Makeup

Question: Proper Term For Nearsightedness
Solution: Myopia

Question: Religious Chant Or Incantation
Solution: Mantra

Question: Rocky Sly Stallones Boxing Champion
Solution: Balboa

Question: Short Melody Used To Sell Products Or Services
Solution: Jingle

Question: Shortform For A Contract Made Before Marriage
Solution: Prenup

Question: Sparkly Headpieces Worn By Princesses
Solution: Tiaras

Question: Stiff Frosty
Solution: Frigid

Question: The Tree Tops In A Rainforest
Solution: Canopy

Question: This Is Dropped To Secure A Ship In Place
Solution: Anchor

Question: Wood That The Mona Lisa Is Painted Upon
Solution: Poplar

Question: Lane Where The Nostalgic Go To Reminisce
Solution: Memory

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