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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Admiral Of The British Grand Fleet At Jutland
Solution: Jellicoe

Question: Ballot To Choose A New President Or Prime Minister
Solution: Election

Question: Casino Game Played By James Bond In A Novel
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Her Debut Single Was Wuthering Heights
Solution: Kate bush

Question: John Wayne Movie Remade With Hailee Steinfeld
Solution: True grit

Question: Like A Tree That Has Been Lifted Out Of The Ground
Solution: Uprooted

Question: Members Of Cavalry Units Or Mounted Police
Solution: Troopers

Question: Opposite Of Softness Scale For Pencils
Solution: Hardness

Question: Siberian River Mysterious Event In Region
Solution: Tunguska

Question: Small Fiery Girl Who Lives With The Moomins
Solution: Little my

Question: Spanish Fortified Grape Drink
Solution: Port wine

Question: Type Of Vessel In Star Trek Called Enterprise
Solution: Starship

Question: Of Catan Board Game With Hexagonal Settlements
Solution: Settlers

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