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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Harsh Sounding Voice Likely Due To A Sore Throat
Solution: Hoarse

Question: Auctioneers Hammers
Solution: Gavels

Question: Building Bricks Played With By Young Children
Solution: Blocks

Question: Did Not Have
Solution: Lacked

Question: Famous Marilyn Who Was Born Norma Jeane Mortenson
Solution: Monroe

Question: Fleetwood Mac Song That TikTok Put Back In Charts
Solution: Dreams

Question: He And Kumar Went To White Castle
Solution: Harold

Question: Mermaid In Philippine Mythology
Solution: Sirena

Question: Protective Clothing Worn By Doctors And Nurses
Solution: Scrubs

Question: Sea Between Northeastern Europe Scandinavia
Solution: Baltic

Question: Search Engine That Funds Reforestation Projects
Solution: Ecosia

Question: Small Wild South American Camelid
Solution: Vicuna

Question: Supporting Stone Column
Solution: Pillar

Question: This Alloy Can Develop A Green Patina
Solution: Bronze

Question: Unleavened Passover Bread
Solution: Matzah

Question: Machina Sudden Happy Ending In A Book Or Film
Solution: Deus ex

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