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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1984 Bestselling Bryan Adams Album
Solution: Reckless

Question: A Teacher Gives You It To Finish Outside Of School
Solution: Homework

Question: Able To Walk Around Mobile
Solution: Ambulant

Question: Actor Robin Star Of Hook And Mrs Doubtfire
Solution: Williams

Question: Ancient Trade Route That Ran From Venice To China
Solution: Silk road

Question: Bread Making Shops
Solution: Bakeries

Question: Card Game Scores Are Kept By Moving Small Pegs
Solution: Cribbage

Question: Carves Letters Into Watches Or Bracelets
Solution: Engraves

Question: Coffee Steeped Overnight
Solution: Cold brew

Question: Eight Legged Horse In Norse Mythology
Solution: Sleipnir

Question: Essential Computer Program That Cant Be Altered
Solution: Firmware

Question: Gemstone Cut That Is Round And Unfaceted
Solution: Cabochon

Question: Historic Empire Of Ancient Mesopotamia
Solution: Akkadian

Question: Illustrative Mark Added To The End Of A Chapter
Solution: Vignette

Question: Insect That Uses A Bad Smell To Defend Itself
Solution: Stink bug

Question: Michael Well Known TV Stand Up Comedian
Solution: Mcintyre

Question: Pop The Propose Ask Someone To Marry You
Solution: Question

Question: Secretly Brought Illegal Goods Into The Country
Solution: Smuggled

Question: Surf Style With One Foot At The Front Of The Board
Solution: Hang five

Question: The Kind Of Power Said To Corrupt Absolutely
Solution: Absolute

Question: The Study Of The Foot
Solution: Podiatry

Question: US Election Day Is In This Month
Solution: November

Question: Water And Psychic Pokemon Species Or A Dawdler
Solution: Slowpoke

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