Codycross Games Group 957 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: An Insect With Terminal Pincer Like Appendages
Solution: Earwig

Question: Comedic Movie Introducing Jay And Silent Bob
Solution: Clerks

Question: Enigma Variation IX An Old Testament Patriarch
Solution: Nimrod

Question: Five Cent Bits In US Currency
Solution: Nickel

Question: Ironed Folds In A Skirt
Solution: Pleats

Question: Longest Battle Of The First World War
Solution: Verdun

Question: Metal Hoop Used In Croquet
Solution: Wicket

Question: Plantain Is A Larger Starchier Form Of This Fruit
Solution: Banana

Question: Platform Game Flying Otus Is The Main Character
Solution: Owlboy

Question: Posh And Arrogant Stuck Up
Solution: Snooty

Question: The Northernmost American State
Solution: Alaska

Question: Unit Of Temperature With The Symbol K
Solution: Kelvin

Question: Wild Playing Cards
Solution: Jokers

Question: Lines These Are Drawn When Its Time To Fight
Solution: Battle

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