Codycross Games Group 957 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Accepted A Patient Into Hospital For Treatment
Solution: Admitted

Question: Airport With The Code FIE In Shetland
Solution: Fair isle

Question: Easily Duped
Solution: Gullible

Question: Golf Bunker
Solution: Sand trap

Question: Hard Exoskeleton Of A Turtle Or Crustacean
Solution: Carapace

Question: Nutty Creamy Thai Curry Named After Muslims
Solution: Massaman

Question: Pre Burnt Lumps Of Wood
Solution: Charcoal

Question: Tchaikovsky Ballet With A Princess Called Odette
Solution: Swan lake

Question: The Other Name For Star Wars Episode IV
Solution: A new hope

Question: WWI General Played By Stephen Fry In Blackadder IV
Solution: Melchett

Question: Wriggly Yellow Cranium Character For Letter Games
Solution: Word worm

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