Codycross Games Group 956 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Room For Young Children A Housing For Seedlings
Solution: Nursery

Question: Ancient Egyptian Ruler
Solution: Pharaoh

Question: Broadcasts On Twitch
Solution: Streams

Question: Canary Lemon And Gold
Solution: Yellows

Question: Cattle Rearing Farms
Solution: Ranches

Question: Court Case
Solution: Lawsuit

Question: FIFA World Cup Champ For US Womens Team
Solution: Mia hamm

Question: Garden Heap For Vegetable Peelings
Solution: Compost

Question: Katniss Was This For District 12
Solution: Tribute

Question: Marie Legendary Ghost Ship
Solution: Celeste

Question: Martian Region Containing The Face Of Mars
Solution: Cydonia

Question: Small Brass Instrument With Three Valves
Solution: Trumpet

Question: Small Dish Like For A Souffle
Solution: Ramekin

Question: The Enormous Whale From The Film Pinocchio
Solution: Monstro

Question: To Cheat Someone Out Of Money Or Assets
Solution: Swindle

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