Codycross Games Group 956 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Chewy Fruit Sweet With An Astrological Name
Solution: Starburst

Question: Driving A Stolen Car For Fun
Solution: Joyriding

Question: Dystopian TV Show About Theme Park With Robots
Solution: Westworld

Question: Electricity From Turbines Moved By The Breeze
Solution: Wind power

Question: Extinct EW IUCN Conservation Status
Solution: In the wild

Question: Glittery Sphere Above A Dancefloor
Solution: Disco ball

Question: Large Or Small Digestive System Element
Solution: Intestine

Question: Name For Gameplay That Involves A Lot Of Loot
Solution: Monty haul

Question: Pasta That Gives Its Name To A Genre Of Westerns
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: Sport In Which The Broadmoor Trophy Is Awarded
Solution: Ice hockey

Question: The Scarlet Novel Set In The French Revolution
Solution: Pimpernel

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