Codycross Games Group 956 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Actress Michelle Of Batman Returns And Scarface
Solution: Pfeiffer

Question: Cloaked Masked Concealed
Solution: Shrouded

Question: Comedy Writer And Author Of The Novel Oreo
Solution: Fran ross

Question: Crack On A Bone
Solution: Fracture

Question: Designs Created On The Foam Of A Cup Of Coffee
Solution: Latte art

Question: For The Lone Ranger It Was Tonto
Solution: Sidekick

Question: Learn A Language With This Green Owl Logo App
Solution: Duolingo

Question: Process Of Subsiding
Solution: Slippage

Question: Singer Whose Fanbase Are Known As Little Monsters
Solution: Lady gaga

Question: Soft Landing Pad For A Gymnast
Solution: Crash mat

Question: South American Organ Grinder Monkey
Solution: Capuchin

Question: Suitors Or Followers Sometimes Secret Ones
Solution: Admirers

Question: The Card Suit Named After A Precious Stone
Solution: Diamonds

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