Codycross Games Group 955 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2007 Film Starring Jonah Hill And Michael Cera
Solution: Superbad

Question: Avid Reader
Solution: Bookworm

Question: Barriers That Separate Individual Seats On A Plane
Solution: Armrests

Question: Casino Chamber For Poker Or Bridge Players
Solution: Card room

Question: Field Of Science Studied By Beatrix Potter
Solution: Mycology

Question: Flick These To Turn On Lights Or Computers
Solution: Switches

Question: Going On Long Protest Marches In New Zealand
Solution: Hikoiing

Question: HM Revenues Demand For Annual Payments
Solution: Tax bills

Question: In French Its Bonne Chance
Solution: Good luck

Question: Lineup Of Songs Played By A Radio Station
Solution: Playlist

Question: Milky Lotion For Soothing Insect Bites
Solution: Calamine

Question: Reinforced Strengthened Eg Glass
Solution: Tempered

Question: Softish Italian Cheese Mild But Pongy
Solution: Taleggio

Question: Sport Played Professionally By The Chicago Bandits
Solution: Softball

Question: Trees Shrubs And Lawns For The Public Use
Solution: Parkland

Question: Weak Crying Sound Made By A Lamb
Solution: Bleating

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