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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 20th Century Art Movement Dutch For The Style
Solution: De stijl

Question: Amalgamated Merged
Solution: Coopted

Question: Country Where The Film The Charmer Takes Place
Solution: Denmark

Question: Henry Victorian Explorer Of The River Congo
Solution: Stanley

Question: Like A Fox
Solution: Vulpine

Question: Put Up On High Powerful Like A God
Solution: Exalted

Question: Ricky And Lucy Of I Love Lucy
Solution: Ricardo

Question: Rock Containing Water
Solution: Aquifer

Question: Swimmers Wear Them To See Underwater
Solution: Goggles

Question: The Pigment Found In Hair And Skin
Solution: Melanin

Question: This Ralph Wrote The Original Invisible Man Story
Solution: Ellison

Question: Turkish Sweet Treat Bought By Tourists
Solution: Delight

Question: Ventured Attempted
Solution: Essayed

Question: Video Game Series With Redemption And Revolver
Solution: Red dead

Question: Vitally Important Pivotal Critical
Solution: Crucial

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