Codycross Games Group 951 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Person Entered To Run For A Political Position
Solution: Nominee

Question: Add Sugar To
Solution: Sweeten

Question: Casinos Call Them Fat Cats Or High
Solution: Rollers

Question: Device Used To Pick Up Waste
Solution: Scooper

Question: Drum Up Support For An Electoral Candidate
Solution: Canvass

Question: Medical Term For Excessive Teeth Grinding
Solution: Bruxism

Question: Ocean That Separates Asia And The Americas
Solution: Pacific

Question: One Show In A TV Series
Solution: Episode

Question: Salman Indian Author Of Midnights Children
Solution: Rushdie

Question: Singer Who Had A Hit With Rewrite The Stars
Solution: Zendaya

Question: Small Tool That Might Get Buried After A Quarrel
Solution: Hatchet

Question: Something Given After Death Through A Will
Solution: Bequest

Question: This X Men Characters Real Name Is Scott Summers
Solution: Cyclops

Question: Those Who Classify Animals Study This
Solution: Zootaxy

Question: Gorilla Hanna Barbera Star
Solution: Magilla

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