Codycross Games Group 951 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Tadpole
Solution: Polliwog

Question: Baked Egg Dessert Used To Make Roulade And Pavlova
Solution: Meringue

Question: Charles Babbage Is Considered Its Father
Solution: Computer

Question: Common Usual Seen Everyday
Solution: Or garden

Question: Exercise Ring That Tones The Midriff
Solution: Hula hoop

Question: Kitchen Frame For Drying Plates And Bowls On
Solution: Dish rack

Question: Kuala Lumpurs Twin Skyscraper Towers
Solution: Petronas

Question: Lower Leg Guards Worn By Footballers
Solution: Shin pads

Question: Mysterious Energy Field Used By A Jedi
Solution: The force

Question: Refinements Distinctions Details Not Naughty
Solution: Niceties

Question: Time Of First Lunar Appearance Each Evening
Solution: Moonrise

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