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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Another Word For A Shooting Star
Solution: Meteor

Question: Blockbuster Used To Say Please Rewind
Solution: Be kind

Question: Call Into Question Challenge
Solution: Impugn

Question: District In Southern Manhattan Named By The Dutch
Solution: Bowery

Question: Fibrous Green Vegetable With Leaf And Pascal Types
Solution: Celery

Question: French Dance Involving High Kicks
Solution: Cancan

Question: Game Franchise With Raving Rabbids Spin Off
Solution: Rayman

Question: Hindu Festival Of Lights
Solution: Diwali

Question: Large Stretches Of Land Or Water
Solution: Tracts

Question: Musically Is Partnered With The Blowfish
Solution: Hootie

Question: Portable Computer That Can Be Used On The Knee
Solution: Laptop

Question: Primate With Hairy Protruding Buttocks
Solution: Baboon

Question: Real Life Surname Of Dr Seuss
Solution: Geisel

Question: Twin Brother Of Greek Goddess Artemis
Solution: Apollo

Question: Water Gate At A Lock
Solution: Sluice

Question: Beater Shot Taken Before The Clock Expires
Solution: Buzzer

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