Codycross Games Group 950 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: An Example Includes Ketchup Or Mayonnaise
Solution: Condiment

Question: Buys Gets At A Store
Solution: Purchases

Question: Common Dog Breeds Labrador Or Golden
Solution: Retriever

Question: Doctor Who Companion Played By Billie Piper
Solution: Rose tyler

Question: Flight Machine That Imitates A Pilots Role
Solution: Simulator

Question: Irish Status Of Ireland From 1922 To 1937
Solution: Free state

Question: No Nonsense Strict Approach To Caring For Someone
Solution: Tough love

Question: Northernmost Of Americas Ivy League Schools
Solution: Dartmouth

Question: Shock Ending Of A Book Or A Movie
Solution: Plot twist

Question: Starts A Fire Again
Solution: Reignites

Question: Strength Dexterity Intelligence And Charisma
Solution: Abilities

Question: The Lucid Dreams Bandit And Wishing Well Singer
Solution: Juice wrld

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