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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 70s Band Had A Hit With See My Baby Jive
Solution: Wizzard

Question: Alexander Who Discovered Penicillin
Solution: Fleming

Question: Atmospheric Environment
Solution: Climate

Question: Author Who Penned The Firm And The Client
Solution: Grisham

Question: Barrel Of Linking Apes Kids Game
Solution: Monkeys

Question: DD Monster Thats Basically A Land Shark
Solution: Bulette

Question: E European Filled Dumplings Like Small Pasties
Solution: Pierogi

Question: Gloves Without Individual Fingers Only A Thumb
Solution: Mittens

Question: Marcel Duchamp Or Man Ray For Example
Solution: Dadaist

Question: Most Famous Fallen Angel
Solution: Lucifer

Question: Planet That Lies Between Mars And Saturn
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Priest Who Fought For Mexican Independence
Solution: Hidalgo

Question: Sports Umpire
Solution: Referee

Question: Stutters
Solution: Stammers

Question: The London Skyscraper Named After A Cucumber
Solution: Gherkin

Question: The Largest And Northernmost Region Of Finland
Solution: Lapland

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