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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Of Dust Waugh Novel On Captive Tony Last
Solution: Handful

Question: Abnormal Growth In A Uterus
Solution: Fibroid

Question: British Wax Jacket Manufacturer
Solution: Barbour

Question: Business Intermediaries Who Liaise With Customers
Solution: Brokers

Question: Caribbean Coral With Pointed Name
Solution: Elkhorn

Question: Host Of The 1988 Winter Olympics
Solution: Calgary

Question: Kevins Speech Recording Device In Home Alone
Solution: Talkboy

Question: Less Old Than
Solution: Younger

Question: Name Of Porky Pigs Girlfriend
Solution: Petunia

Question: Pouches Sachets
Solution: Packets

Question: The First Name Of Shakespeare And Shatner
Solution: William

Question: Tree That Isnt Deciduous
Solution: Conifer

Question: Chairs Childrens Party Game
Solution: Musical

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