Codycross Games Group 949 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1973 Prison Film Starring Steve McQueen
Solution: Papillon

Question: Capital City Of Australia
Solution: Canberra

Question: Court That Handles Employment Issues
Solution: Tribunal

Question: Creme De Flower Liqueur With Purple Flavor
Solution: Violette

Question: Edgar Allan Poes The Pit And The
Solution: Pendulum

Question: Feeling One Gets When Asked Too Many Questions
Solution: Bothered

Question: In Pokemon Go A Place To Pick Up Eggs Balls Etc
Solution: Pokestop

Question: Natural Brown Sugar Produced In Guyana
Solution: Demerara

Question: Natures Describes All The Goodness On Earth
Solution: Bounties

Question: Only Olympic Athletics Event Run Over 110m
Solution: Hurdling

Question: Royal Family Of Monaco
Solution: Grimaldi

Question: Species To Which Doctor Who Belongs
Solution: Time lord

Question: To Bring Into Existence
Solution: Generate

Question: Two Day Finnish Annual Hackathon
Solution: Junction

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