Codycross Games Group 949 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2015 Channing Tatum Space Opera Jupiter
Solution: Ascending

Question: Alternative Name For Bigfoot In North America
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Artificial Channels For Conveying Water
Solution: Aqueducts

Question: Card Hands In Sequence
Solution: Straights

Question: Computer Programs Initially Offered For Free
Solution: Shareware

Question: Discussed A Completed Mission
Solution: Debriefed

Question: Exclamation From Mutant Turtles Not Bovines
Solution: Cowabunga

Question: Large Ocean Movement Often Caused By Earthquake
Solution: Tidal wave

Question: NSYNCS 2000 Repetitive Song Title
Solution: Bye bye bye

Question: Obelisks Title In Yu Gi Oh
Solution: Tormentor

Question: Slang For Humans In Artemis Fowl Books
Solution: Mud people

Question: Tequila And Lime Cocktail That Can Be Frozen
Solution: Margarita

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