Codycross Games Group 949 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Loud Horn
Solution: Klaxon

Question: A Reddish Brown Hue And A Variety Of Potatoes
Solution: Russet

Question: Ariadne The Mystery Writer In Hercule Poirot Tales
Solution: Oliver

Question: Arrested Development And Scandal Actress De Rossi
Solution: Portia

Question: Chemical Element Whose Symbol Is C
Solution: Carbon

Question: Computer File With Important User Information
Solution: Readme

Question: Dorothy Sophia Rose And Blanche Are These Girls
Solution: Golden

Question: Every Cloud Has A Silver One
Solution: Lining

Question: Gun Toted By Dirty Harry
Solution: Magnum

Question: Pure Metal Pieces That Have Been Cast Into Shapes
Solution: Ingots

Question: Spit Drool
Solution: Saliva

Question: The Name Of A Baby Ape
Solution: Infant

Question: The Surname Of A Hotel Empire Socialite
Solution: Hilton

Question: The Zodiac Sign Between May 20th And June 20th
Solution: Gemini

Question: These Are Built In Jenga Games
Solution: Towers

Question: Scotto Italian Opera Singer Director
Solution: Renata

Question: Land Disputed Or Vacant Territory
Solution: No mans

Question: Mache Craft Mix Made From Glue And Paper
Solution: Papier

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