Codycross Games Group 949 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Snack Made Of Rolled Oats Nuts And Sweeteners
Solution: Granola

Question: Bungie Video Game Where One Plays A Guardian
Solution: Destiny

Question: Device That Dispenses Hot Adhesive
Solution: Glue gun

Question: Discerns Tracks Someone Down
Solution: Detects

Question: French Cosmetics And Perfumery Brand
Solution: LancĂ´me

Question: He Killed Cock Robin With His Bow And Arrow
Solution: Sparrow

Question: Legendary Winged Serpents
Solution: Wyverns

Question: Powerpuff Girl With A Red Bow
Solution: Blossom

Question: Practice Shot In Competitive Shooting To Check Gun
Solution: Sighter

Question: Robin Williams Movie Remade With The Rock In 2017
Solution: Jumanji

Question: Russian River That Empties Into The Black Sea
Solution: Dnieper

Question: Search Term For A Web Crawler
Solution: Keyword

Question: The American Flag Has Fifty Stars And Thirteen
Solution: Stripes

Question: The Least Or Smallest Amount Possible
Solution: Minimum

Question: Tricking Fooling People
Solution: Hoaxing

Question: Write A Piece Of Music
Solution: Compose

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