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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Food Made From Ground Cacao Beans
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Black Seabird Its Name Means Sea Raven
Solution: Cormorant

Question: Braid Fez Or Halo
Solution: Video game

Question: Composer Whose Only Opera Was Fidelio
Solution: Beethoven

Question: Desktop Tool Perforates Small Circles Into Paper
Solution: Hole punch

Question: Drivers Panel With Lights And Symbols
Solution: Dashboard

Question: Edward Stratemeyers Fictional Female Detective
Solution: Nancy drew

Question: Egyptian Pharaoh Shifted Polytheism To Monotheism
Solution: Akhenaten

Question: Enthusiast Who Keeps Coins Or Stamps For Example
Solution: Collector

Question: He Played A Ruthless Music Teacher In Whiplash
Solution: J k simmons

Question: Measuring Tool Three Feet Long
Solution: Yardstick

Question: Vessel For Getting Beyond Earths Atmosphere
Solution: Spaceship

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