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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2016s The Magnificent Seven Or 2019s Aladdin
Solution: Remake

Question: A Maraschino Is This Type Of Fruit
Solution: Cherry

Question: Aiden Plays Aberama Gold In Peaky Blinders
Solution: Gillen

Question: Destructive Titan Warlord In The Marvel Universe
Solution: Thanos

Question: Dolly Singer Of Jolene And 9 To 5
Solution: Parton

Question: Henry David Thoreau Lived Wrote By This Pond
Solution: Walden

Question: It Can Be Puffed Raglan Short Or Flounce
Solution: Sleeve

Question: Red Large Hunting Dog With A Chestnut Coat
Solution: Setter

Question: Site Of Several Chinese Earthquakes 1916 17
Solution: Nantou

Question: Sweet Tasting Medicinal Liquid
Solution: Elixir

Question: Term For When Three Or More Celestial Bodies Align
Solution: Syzygy

Question: The Opposite Of Receiving
Solution: Giving

Question: Title Of Grand Ruler In The Ottoman Empire
Solution: Vizier

Question: Water Park Slides Into Swimming Pools
Solution: Chutes

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