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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1812 Battle In Napoleonic Wars Near Moscow
Solution: Borodino

Question: Actor Who Voiced Bugs Bunny And Daffy Duck
Solution: Mel blanc

Question: Amount Of Work A Lawyer Has
Solution: Caseload

Question: Animal Nintendos Game Set In A Village
Solution: Crossing

Question: Australian Sea Squirt Used As Fishing Bait
Solution: Cunjevoi

Question: Carrying A Gun Short Of Cash
Solution: Strapped

Question: Central Block In An Arch Providing Support
Solution: Keystone

Question: Circular Statistical Diagram Cut Into Slices
Solution: Pie chart

Question: Ferocious Old Woman In Russian Folklore
Solution: Baba yaga

Question: Hes Michael Corleone From The Godfather
Solution: Al pacino

Question: Made A Pained Face
Solution: Grimaced

Question: Of Or Relating To Lemurs
Solution: Lemurine

Question: Scale For Measuring Pepper Heat
Solution: Scoville

Question: What Meghan Trainor Was All About In 2014
Solution: That bass

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