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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2016 Baseball Movie Starring Ethan Hawke The
Solution: Phenom

Question: An Ornamental Pin Fastened To Clothing
Solution: Brooch

Question: Another Word For Craniums
Solution: Skulls

Question: Caused By Spiders In An Old Or Abandoned Space
Solution: Cobweb

Question: Dan The Toasty Guy In Mortal Kombat
Solution: Forden

Question: French Oblong Pastry Filled With Cream
Solution: Eclair

Question: Hulk Hogans Daughter Who Knows Best
Solution: Brooke

Question: Iconic Stone Bridge Across Venices Grand Canal
Solution: Rialto

Question: Lacking Empty
Solution: Devoid

Question: Move A Cursor Back To Earlier Part Of A Document
Solution: Page up

Question: Quantitative Economic Measures From The 21st C
Solution: Easing

Question: Saudi Arabias Second Holiest City
Solution: Medina

Question: Short Rapid Periods Of Growth
Solution: Spurts

Question: Strong Chemical For Removing Stains
Solution: Bleach

Question: The Broadway Play About Witches Elphaba And Glinda
Solution: Wicked

Question: Whaling Ship In Herman Melvilles Moby Dick
Solution: Pequod

Question: Word That Represents Greek Letter L
Solution: Lambda

Question: Zigzagging Ski Descent
Solution: Slalom

Question: Your Nose Is A Euphemism For Using The Restroom
Solution: Powder

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