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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Stiff Facial Expression Showing No Emotion
Solution: Upper lip

Question: Bryan Played Walter White In Breaking Bad
Solution: Cranston

Question: Celtic God Of The Underworld
Solution: Dispater

Question: Green Endive Found In Italian Soups
Solution: Escarole

Question: Her Real Name Is Selina Kyle
Solution: Catwoman

Question: Kansas City Is Actually Located In This State
Solution: Missouri

Question: Parent Company Of Google
Solution: Alphabet

Question: Part Of The Government That Handles Money
Solution: Treasury

Question: Picassos Mural Depicting A Basque Village Bombing
Solution: Guernica

Question: Property Trading Board Game Invented In 1935
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Sailor Who Travels The Oceans
Solution: Seafarer

Question: Short Works Of Fiction
Solution: Novellas

Question: Term For A Nonsuited Ace High Straight In Poker
Solution: Broadway

Question: The Largest Key On A Standard Qwerty Keyboard
Solution: Space bar

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