Codycross Games Group 946 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2019 Drama Starring Charlize Theron As Megyn Kelly
Solution: Bombshell

Question: Another Word For Pocket Money Given To Children
Solution: Allowance

Question: Boat With Two Parallel Hulls
Solution: Catamaran

Question: Cover That Dulls The Brightness Of A Light Bulb
Solution: Lamp shade

Question: Flatplan Showing The Height Of The Land
Solution: Relief map

Question: Japanese White Collar Business Man
Solution: Salaryman

Question: Princess Peachs English Name Until Super Mario 64
Solution: Toadstool

Question: Sectioned Into Four Parts
Solution: Quartered

Question: These Peas Had A 2009 Hit With Boom Boom Pow
Solution: Black eyed

Question: What RPG Characters Do
Solution: Adventure

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