Codycross Games Group 946 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Green Cauliflower Like Vegetable
Solution: Broccoli

Question: Instrument Resembling A Lute
Solution: Mandolin

Question: Martin Oscar Winning Director Of The Departed
Solution: Scorsese

Question: Revenue From An Ecclesiastical Estate
Solution: Benefice

Question: Roman Province Located In The Carpathian Basin
Solution: Pannonia

Question: South African Nobel Prize Winning Writer Nadine
Solution: Gordimer

Question: Thin Sheet Used For Gilding
Solution: Gold leaf

Question: This Plants Chemicals Are Used To Make Digoxin
Solution: Foxglove

Question: Two Wheeled Riding Toys With Handlebars
Solution: Scooters

Question: Videogame Kids Who Are Sometimes Squids
Solution: Inklings

Question: Waltz Style From The Austrian Capital
Solution: Viennese

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