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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 2010 Horror Movie Set Partly In The Further
Solution: Insidious

Question: American Name For A Three Bird Roast
Solution: Turducken

Question: Athens Citadel
Solution: Acropolis

Question: Crusty Arthropods That Attach To Marine Rocks
Solution: Barnacles

Question: Examples Include Good And Bad Full And Empty
Solution: Opposites

Question: Mathematical Sequence Sum Of Two Previous Numbers
Solution: Fibonacci

Question: Surname Of Paul Simons Musical Partner Art
Solution: Garfunkel

Question: Tactical Move Of Surrendering A Chess Piece
Solution: Sacrifice

Question: The Ads Say Its The King Of Beers
Solution: Budweiser

Question: Underground Passages Used As Burial Chambers
Solution: Catacombs

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