Codycross Games Group 944 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Frozen Body Of Water Used For Skating
Solution: Ice rink

Question: Abruzzo Port City Gabriele DAnnunzio Is Native
Solution: Pescara

Question: Believe To Be True
Solution: Suppose

Question: Folk Band Behind Album For Emma Forever Ago
Solution: Bon iver

Question: In Monopoly The Electric Company Or Water Works
Solution: Utility

Question: Indian Cavalry Sword In Arabic
Solution: Firangi

Question: Meme Featuring A Feline Pop Tart And Space Rainbow
Solution: Nyan cat

Question: Newton Actor In Line Of Duty And Westworld
Solution: Thandie

Question: Nuts Used To Cover A Dundee Cake
Solution: Almonds

Question: Old Name Of Westworld Actor Now Known As Thandiwe
Solution: Thandie

Question: One Who Is Taking Something For Granted
Solution: Assumer

Question: Participants In A Game Eg Of Chess Cards
Solution: Players

Question: Steve McQueen Alien Goop Movie
Solution: The blob

Question: Three Of Them Met Macbeth On The Heath
Solution: Witches

Question: Underwater Amphibian Known As The Walking Fish
Solution: Axolotl

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