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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Person Who Designs Makes Or Sells Womens Hats
Solution: Milliner

Question: Bald Time Traveler In The Fringe TV Series
Solution: Observer

Question: Brand Of Small Ceramic Collectible Animals
Solution: Whimsies

Question: Bright Yellow Curry Spice Often Used As A Dye
Solution: Turmeric

Question: Bushy Tailed Animal That Lives In A Drey
Solution: Squirrel

Question: Construction Through Which Oil Is Transported
Solution: Pipeline

Question: Country Where Bangkok Is The Capital
Solution: Thailand

Question: Creative Fun Language Puzzles Or Puns
Solution: Word play

Question: Haphazard Disorganized
Solution: Slipshod

Question: Informative Speeches Disseminated By Video
Solution: Ted talks

Question: Person Or Business That Sells Goods To The Public
Solution: Retailer

Question: The National Epic Poem Of Finland
Solution: Kalevala

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