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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Become Dry And Begin To Decay Like A Plant
Solution: Wither

Question: Coins Used In Arcades
Solution: Tokens

Question: Fish Get This If They Eat The Worm
Solution: Caught

Question: Middle Eastern Pipe Cooled By Water
Solution: Hookah

Question: Native Americans Who Worshipped Huitzilopochtli
Solution: Aztecs

Question: Pancake Mixture Before Cooking
Solution: Batter

Question: Punning Nickname For Half A Byte
Solution: Nibble

Question: Senor Gonzales The Fastest Mouse In All Mexico
Solution: Speedy

Question: The First Name Of Characters Parr And Baudelaire
Solution: Violet

Question: The Ice Giant Planet Which Rotates On Its Side
Solution: Uranus

Question: The Son Of Buddha
Solution: Rahula

Question: Words Found In Picture Books That Sound Similar
Solution: Rhymes

Question: Yellow Circular Dot Gobbling Video Game Star
Solution: Pac-man

Question: Harris Bidens Running Mate In 2020
Solution: Kamala

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