Codycross Games Group 944 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Highlighted Link In A Written Document
Solution: Hyperlink

Question: A Private Conversation Head To Head Fr
Solution: Tete a tete

Question: Allen Ginsbergs Cipher In Kerouacs On The Road
Solution: Carlo marx

Question: Began Started
Solution: Commenced

Question: Fun And Games Boisterousness
Solution: High jinks

Question: Home Made Seat Suspended From A Tree
Solution: Rope swing

Question: Material That Lets Electricity Pass Through It
Solution: Conductor

Question: Rodent Also Called A Cavy
Solution: Guinea pig

Question: Seattle Madison And Panama
Solution: Isthmuses

Question: This Film Starred John Travolta As Edna Turnblad
Solution: Hairspray

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