Codycross Games Group 941 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: EP Or LP
Solution: Record

Question: First Name Of Former US Vice President Rockefeller
Solution: Nelson

Question: Follow The Rules
Solution: Adhere

Question: Huge American Vulture
Solution: Condor

Question: James English Comedian And Late Night Host In US
Solution: Corden

Question: Mortal Kombats Princess Of Outworld
Solution: Kitana

Question: Mountain Chain On Border Between Turkey And Iran
Solution: Zagros

Question: One Of Hogwarts Founders Gryffindor
Solution: Godric

Question: Rode A Boat With Fabric On Its Masts
Solution: Sailed

Question: Tables On Which Sacrifices Are Offered
Solution: Altars

Question: The Way Cards Are Shown At The End Of A Hand
Solution: Face up

Question: When Voiceover Is Added In Another Language
Solution: Dubbed

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