Codycross Games Group 941 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Amplified Electronic Keyboard Instrument
Solution: Clavinet

Question: Ancient Greek God Of The Sea
Solution: Poseidon

Question: Cocktail Made Of Vodka And Beef Consomme
Solution: Bull shot

Question: Dampness Of A Climate
Solution: Humidity

Question: More Spooky Or Eerie Than Something Else
Solution: Creepier

Question: Reporter Says To The Ice Cream Whats
Solution: The scoop

Question: Singer Marvin Lee Aday Goes By This Food Name
Solution: Meatloaf

Question: Star Shaped Figure With Six Points
Solution: Hexagram

Question: Woolf Modernist Writer Of Mrs Dalloway The Waves
Solution: Virginia

Question: Zack Snyders Neo Noir Superhero Film
Solution: Watchmen

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