Codycross Futuristic City Group 990 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Futuristic City

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Codycross Futuristic City Answers

Question: A Clergyman Who Is In Charge Of A Chapel
Solution: Chaplain

Question: A Three Sided Shape
Solution: Triangle

Question: Bloody Mary With Beef Bouillon Not Tomato
Solution: Bull shot

Question: Bois De The Largest Park In Paris
Solution: Boulogne

Question: Cease Flowing Fester Or Putrefy
Solution: Stagnate

Question: Decorative Statue With Flowing Water Feature
Solution: Fountain

Question: Hank Williams Sang Im So I Could Cry
Solution: Lonesome

Question: Hours When A Machine Or Computer Is Inactive
Solution: Downtime

Question: Jonathan Swifts Island Of Little People
Solution: Lilliput

Question: Legendary Irish Queen Of The Banshees
Solution: Cliodhna

Question: Legless Lizard That Wriggles And Isnt Fast
Solution: Slow worm

Question: Location Of The USAs Bullion Depository
Solution: Fort knox

Question: Make A Statement Known To Public In A Speech
Solution: Announce

Question: Name Of Spouse Of John Edward II And Richard II
Solution: Isabella

Question: Notes Gathered During A Criminal Investigation
Solution: Casefile

Question: Remove Or Take Away From Mathematically
Solution: Subtract

Question: Rhett And Links Good Morning
Solution: Mythical

Question: Sex And The City Followed This Carries Life
Solution: Bradshaw

Question: Smoking Piles Of Garden Waste
Solution: Bonfires

Question: Swimming Area That Mimics The Movement Of The Sea
Solution: Wave pool

Question: The Arbalest Is An Ancient Form Of This Weapon
Solution: Crossbow

Question: The Busiest Time Of Day On The Roads
Solution: Rush hour

Question: Tony Winning Actor Named Audra
Solution: Mcdonald

Question: Out Widened Ones Experience
Solution: Branched

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