Codycross Futuristic City Group 989 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Futuristic City

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Codycross Futuristic City Answers

Question: A Small Scale Musical Drama
Solution: Operetta

Question: Ancient Greek Rowing Ships
Solution: Triremes

Question: Author Of The Ugly Duckling And The Snow Queen
Solution: Andersen

Question: Bart Simpsons Best Friend
Solution: Milhouse

Question: British Pub Name A Dun Coloured Pouring Container
Solution: Brown jug

Question: Clean An Exercise Machine After Use
Solution: Wipe down

Question: Complete Happiness Or Ignorance
Solution: Blissful

Question: First Name Of The First President Roosevelt
Solution: Theodore

Question: French Country Loaf
Solution: Campagne

Question: Guardian Angel In Its A Wonderful Life
Solution: Clarence

Question: Largest Type Of White Blood Cell In The Human Body
Solution: Monocyte

Question: Mammal Also Known As The Red Bear Cat
Solution: Red panda

Question: Mount Into Which Lincolns Face Is Carved
Solution: Rushmore

Question: Princess Margarets Private Caribbean Island
Solution: Mustique

Question: Pure Atmosphere In The Countryside Perhaps
Solution: Fresh air

Question: Replacing A Decimal With The Nearest Whole Number
Solution: Rounding

Question: Robot Or Other Machine That Resembles A Person
Solution: Humanoid

Question: Taylor Swifts Second Surprise Album Of 2020
Solution: Evermore

Question: The M In The Financial Body The IMF
Solution: Monetary

Question: The Wrestling Warrior Who Once Beat Hulk Hogan
Solution: Ultimate

Question: Video Game Character Sonic Is One
Solution: Hedgehog

Question: Things Netflix Series About The Supernatural
Solution: Stranger

Question: Valve Attachment For Inflating Pneumatic Tyre
Solution: Schrader

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