Codycross Futuristic City Group 987 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Futuristic City

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Codycross Futuristic City Answers

Question: British Term For What Americans Call A Cell Phone
Solution: Mobile

Question: Event On August 1st Celebrating The First Harvest
Solution: Lammas

Question: Fatty And Oily Having A Slimy Taste Or Feel
Solution: Greasy

Question: Iconic South Beach Miami Hotel With Art Deco Flair
Solution: Colony

Question: Instrument Played By Sherlock Holmes
Solution: Violin

Question: Jesse Jamess Race Horse
Solution: Red fox

Question: Large Silver Tray For Serving Items From
Solution: Salver

Question: Polish Composer Known For His Piano Nocturnes
Solution: Chopin

Question: Rocky Inlets On The Norwegian Coast
Solution: Fjords

Question: Samuel Founded A Famous Shipping Line In 1840
Solution: Cunard

Question: Sandys Surname In Grease Movie
Solution: Olsson

Question: The Proportion Of Light Reflected By A Surface
Solution: Albedo

Question: Traditional South African Barbecues
Solution: Braais

Question: War During Which The Sitcom MASH Was Set
Solution: Korean

Question: You Cant Teach An Old Dog These
Solution: New tricks

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