Codycross Futuristic City Group 985 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Futuristic City

Codycross Futuristic City Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Futuristic City Answers

Question: A Strong Dark Brown Unrefined Sugar
Solution: Muscovado

Question: Beckett Play About A Lady Stuck In A Mound Of Soil
Solution: Happy days

Question: Childrens Jumping Toy With Footrests
Solution: Pogo stick

Question: Cordless Eg A Phone
Solution: Walkabout

Question: Crash And Empire Of The Sun Author
Solution: J g ballard

Question: Pressures Or Limitations Of Fame
Solution: Trappings

Question: Queensland Is A State In This Country
Solution: Australia

Question: TV Sitcom About The 1980s The
Solution: Goldbergs

Question: UK Prime Minister During The Second World War
Solution: Churchill

Question: Walk This Way Rock Band
Solution: Aerosmith

Question: Wonderful Flawless Perfect
Solution: Exquisite

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