Codycross Futuristic City Group 985 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Futuristic City

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Codycross Futuristic City Answers

Question: A Reported Appearance Of A UFO For Example
Solution: Sighting

Question: Black Comedy About A Vinous Road Trip
Solution: Sideways

Question: Cigar Smoking Hazzard County Commissioner
Solution: Boss hogg

Question: Don Bradmans Short Pitch Bowling Technique
Solution: Bodyline

Question: Dry Sticks Used To Light A Fire
Solution: Kindling

Question: Festival Or Event For Geeks Fans And Gamers
Solution: Comic con

Question: Frozen Sweet Dessert Made From H2O
Solution: Water ice

Question: Michael Author Of Jurassic Park Books
Solution: Crichton

Question: Shiny Floor Covering That Looks Like Wood
Solution: Laminate

Question: Silvery Fish Anagram Of Mere Lack
Solution: Mackerel

Question: Things That Are Done Every Year
Solution: Annually

Question: Thousand Year Old Swords Found In Europe
Solution: Ulfberht

Question: Where The Cost Is Found On An Item
Solution: Price tag

Question: Dream Keyboards Player And Astronomer
Solution: Brian cox

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