Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 180 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: 80 Of On Earth Have Six Legs
Solution: Animals

Question: A Thesaurus Is Filled With These Similar Words
Solution: Synonym

Question: Angling
Solution: Fishing

Question: Britains Oldest Remaining Overseas Territory
Solution: Bermuda

Question: Catholic Saint Of Seville
Solution: Isidore

Question: Eating Disorder Involving Vomiting
Solution: Bulimia

Question: Egyptian Lioness Goddess Of Protection And War
Solution: Sekhmet

Question: Encased Tube Of Meat
Solution: Sausage

Question: Encipher Or Encode A Message Or Data
Solution: Encrypt

Question: Game Of George RR Martin HBO Adaptation
Solution: Thrones

Question: Ghostly Macabre
Solution: Hideous

Question: Lions Bears Dogs And Birds Are All This
Solution: Animals

Question: Lipstick Tree Tropical South America
Solution: Annatto

Question: Machines For Powering Equipment In Industry
Solution: Engines

Question: Making A Loud Fierce Sound Like A Lion
Solution: Roaring

Question: Metal Loop Secured With A Bolt Retained Prisoners
Solution: Shackle

Question: Oceans Thirteen Gone Baby Gone Actor Casey
Solution: Affleck

Question: Pet Rodent That Runs Aimlessly On A Wheel
Solution: Hamster

Question: Popular College Toy Originally From Pie Tins
Solution: Frisbee

Question: Sea Separates Indonesia From Australia
Solution: Arafura

Question: Soapy Spheres Can Be Blown
Solution: Bubbles

Question: Sums Of Money Prices Owed For Items
Solution: Amounts

Question: Term For Non Believers Means Unfaithful
Solution: Infidel

Question: Thick Sugary Paste Makes Ornate Decorations
Solution: Fondant

Question: Title Of Respect Usually For Lawyers In US
Solution: Esquire

Question: To Run A Ship Into Land
Solution: Aground

Question: Twinkie Like Mexican Snack Little Goose
Solution: Gansito

Question: What A Long Lane Has Not
Solution: Turning

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