Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Accounts For The Even Speed Of A Machine
Solution: Flywheel

Question: Another Name For Weighing Scales
Solution: Balances

Question: Baltimore State
Solution: Maryland

Question: Bottom Of The Channel In Which A Waterway Flows
Solution: Riverbed

Question: Commune Of Medieval Tuscany
Solution: Scansano

Question: Country Called The Land Of Cakes
Solution: Scotland

Question: Declared OK
Solution: Approved

Question: Downgrading Someones Work Status Or Position
Solution: Demoting

Question: Halloumi Cheese Cypriot Dessert
Solution: Hellimli

Question: Hispid Are Bright Yellow With A White Lure
Solution: Frogfish

Question: Iranian Bowed String Instrument
Solution: Kamancha

Question: Jack Main Character In S Kings The Shining
Solution: Torrance

Question: Judicial Post Conviction Decision
Solution: Sentence

Question: Kept Something For Yourself Dishonestly
Solution: Pocketed

Question: Let Dogs Lie
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Mistake Or Error That Wasnt On Purpose
Solution: Accident

Question: Nail For Cutting Nails
Solution: Scissors

Question: Natural Form Of Sugar That Is Found In Fruits Honey
Solution: Dextrose

Question: Outlook The Most Lacking In Hope
Solution: Bleakest

Question: Owns Or Manages A Lodging Establishment
Solution: Hotelier

Question: Pokemon That Evolves Into Mega Alakazam
Solution: Alakazam

Question: Pre Cell Phone Allowed Callers To Walk Around
Solution: Cordless

Question: Reduction On Taxable Income
Solution: Write off

Question: Senet Is An Ancient Board Game From 3500 BC
Solution: Egyptian

Question: Simple Sugar Made From Corn Used In Medicine
Solution: Dextrose

Question: Taking A Thin Layer Of The Surface Off Something
Solution: Scraping

Question: The Bed Or Channel In Which A River Flows
Solution: Riverbed

Question: The Language With Most Native Speakers
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Those Who Sing On Their Own
Solution: Soloists

Question: To Inform Cause To Know
Solution: Acquaint

Question: Yearly Exam By A Doctor
Solution: Physical

Question: Day Occasional September Commemoration In NZ
Solution: Dominion

Question: Tables Have Intricately Carved Edges
Solution: Pie crust

Question: The House Is Giving Away Free Tickets In Circus
Solution: Papering

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