Codycross Farm Group 461 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Farm Answers

Question: 80s New Wave Band Fronted By Debbie Harry
Solution: Blondie

Question: A Stop Between Flights Before The Next Journey
Solution: Layover

Question: An Exact Copy Of Something
Solution: Replica

Question: Canine Competition
Solution: Dog show

Question: Citrus Fruits That Make Up Part Of A Mimosa
Solution: Oranges

Question: Dark Green Crispy Stuff Wrapped Around Sushi
Solution: Seaweed

Question: Exhibition Space
Solution: Gallery

Question: Japanese Warrior
Solution: Samurai

Question: Las Vegas And Monte Carlo Have Many Of These
Solution: Casinos

Question: Mountaineer
Solution: Climber

Question: They Extract Liquid From Fruits And Vegetables
Solution: Juicers

Question: They Help You See Better
Solution: Glasses

Question: City Fictional City In The Land Of Oz
Solution: Emerald

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